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Every online sportsbook in the world offers NFL betting markets, so NFL bettors will have their pick of hundreds of online sportsbooks. Picking a sportsbook to bet football can be a daunting process for newer bettors who are unfamiliar with online NFL betting markets or pricing. Rest assured, we’re here to help.

The NFL’s popularity has exploded in the past decade and don’t kid yourself Roger Goodell – a sizeable reason for the NFL’s ascension to one of the biggest sports in the world is sports gambling. The league’s billion dollar stadiums were in part paid by advertising dollars and TV deals which no doubt received higher ratings because of the massive amount wagered on the NFL each year, not only offshore, but in regulated sportsbooks in Las Vegas and local illegal bookies across the United States. Take a look at the list below to find the bets rates US sportsbooks and make sure to read our reviews aswell.

Expansion of Markets

Anyone who is serious about NFL wagering bets online. The availability of a variety of markets and the opportunity to line shop for the best price is key for bettors who want to maximize their edged.

Just in the past few years, betting markets for the NFL have grown rapidly. It is by far the most wagered sport by American citizens, which is a little surprising since the league has far fewer games than every other leading US sport.

What was once a limited menu of straight wagers on sides and totals, along with the ability to bet parlays and teasers has been now expanded into a massive list of betting markets. Bettors can wager on nearly every aspect of a game, from half-time bets, quarter bets, pleasers, proposition bets and futures.

Live betting or in-play wagering is the newest form of betting available for NFL bettors. Using a distinct live betting platform, players can bet in real-time with up to the minute odds as the game happens.

Finding an NFL Sportsbook

Choosing the best sportsbook for your betting needs depends on what type of player you are. If live betting is a must have for you, it would behoove you to pick a book with the best live betting options and interface. If you are a parlay or teaser bettor, be sure to check your prospective book for the best parlay & teaser odds.

The amount you bet matters, as well. Many sportsbooks cater to recreational players and may limit a bettor’s action if they start beating them or even offer then separate “sharp” lines. If you are looking to bet big, hedge, or lay off action from another book – be sure the book offers the adequate limits to make this possible.

If you want to play online poker or bet at an online casino that should be considered, as well. Many US-facing sportsbooks offer casino and poker options all from the same account, giving bettors the three ways to wager without moving money around.

Placing NFL Wagers at Online Sportsbooks

Placing a bet at an online sportsbook is straightforward and simple, but if bettors have not wagered online before they may be apprehensive. Fear not, it is a painless process and placing a bet can be done in just a few seconds.

The first step is finding your betting market and choosing your selection(s). Players can choose from a number of sides and totals and easily link together wagers for multi-leg bets such as parlays or teasers.

After bettors have chosen their selections and wagering type, they will need to enter an amount for their bet. Here’s an example:

Pittsburgh Steelers +3.5 (-110)
Wagering $220.00 to win $200.00

When placing a bet, online sportsbooks will always list the player’s stake and the potential win of their wager(s). In this example, said bettor is wagering on the underdog Pittsburgh Steelers +3.5 and risking $220 to win $200.

After players have entered their bet amount and placed their wager, they will be asked again to confirm their bet. Even the most experienced bettors make mistakes, so be sure to check over your wager before finally hitting the confirm button.

If you happen to realize that you made a mistake after hitting the confirm button, your best bet is to call or use live chat support to speak with management of sportsbook immediately. It is purely dependent on the specific sportsbook if they will cancel the wager which may depend on management’s discretion. If the game has already started, you are likely out of luck.


Nearly every sportsbook online offers players some sort of Sign-Up or Deposit Bonus when they make their first real-money deposit. Additionally, bonuses may be offered to VIP clients or in the form of Reload Bonuses, which are normally available to all players.

Bonuses are normally offered via freeplay wagers which are risk free bets for bettors using the bonus amount. They must be cleared or “rolled over” a certain number of times before they can be withdrawn. For instance, if a bettor deposits $500 and receives a 50 percent deposit bonus, the bettor will receive $250 in freeplays.

With a rollover of 8x, the bettor must wager $2,000 before the bonus amount can be withdrawn. While this may seem like a fair bit of wagering to withdraw the bonus, remember that the $2,000 counts towards winning and losing bets.

Promotional contests or added bonuses are also helpful extras. One of the sites I enjoy betting at offers players reduced juice on one team throughout the NFL season, but the bettor must select that team before the season starts. Sportsbooks are constantly running promotions for NFL bettors at the beginning of the season, the start of the playoffs and for the Super Bowl. Be sure to read the fine print on these opportunities, but do everything you can to gain even the slightest edge on the sportsbooks.

Be Wary of Rogue/Scam Sportsbooks

While the start of the NFL season is a boom for online sportsbooks, it also brings out the worst of the industry in some cases. New sportsbooks seem to pop up each fall and begin to accept deposits from bettors.

We’re not saying all these sportsbooks operators are dishonest or untrustworthy, but a select few of them are. We recommend that players stick to sportsbooks we review on this site, and that have a long track record of good standing within the online betting industry.

Many of these rogue sportsbooks are not licensed and simply are “deposit-only” operations. Just because they have live chat support, a sleek design, terrific odds and great deposit bonuses does not mean they will pay on time – and when it comes down to it, that is all that really matters.

In Conclusion

Betting the NFL online (or other sports for that matter) is not a new craze; it has been a favorite pastime of football bettors for almost two decades. While it can be as simple as signing up for an account and depositing, just a few minutes of research can help bettors make a more informed decision on the best sportsbook for their NFL betting needs.

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