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5Dimes Sportsbook

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US Customers currently not accepted,

5Dimes Sportsbook has been a mainstay in the offshore industry longer than most sportsbooks have been in business. Known for their almost unlimited list of markets and sterling reputation, 5Dimes does pretty much everything right. Their NFL markets are second to none, and they even offer multiple bonus opportunities, including free plays and reduced juice.


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why we love em

  • prosReduced Juice
  • prosQuick Withdrawals
  • prosEasy depositing using Credit Card

Why we hate em

  • consWebsite is ugly
  • consMobile site is poor too

Established all the way back in 1998, 5Dimes is based in San Jose, Costa Rica and is one of the most highly rated sportsbooks of all time. Few if any bettors and industry insiders alike have any bad word to say about 5Dimes.

Shockingly, 5Dimes does not have a sportsbook license, but that is only because Costa Rica does not offer gaming licenses to gambling sites in their country. Despite this, they perform much better than other online betting sites who are in regulated and licensed districts.

Their parent company, the 5Dimes Group, owns two other online sportsbooks/casinos which are skins of 5Dimes. These include Sportbet & Island Casino.


5Dimes has 24/7 support 365 days a year. Bettors can contact support via email, phone or live chat. Live chat is an excellent tool for support and 5Dimes utilizes it better than any other sportsbook online. I love the feature, because I know if I have a question or need my password recovered – support is always available to respond. You rarely have to wait a few seconds, let alone a few minutes for the live chat operator to respond.

I have to give 5Dimes the crown for best support in the offshore betting industry. The staff is extremely knowledge, quick to answer questions and is available anytime, day or night.

US and International Bettors Accepted

While 5Dimes is most used by bettors based inside the United States, they accept international customers as well. As many know the US online sports betting market has fewer deposit and withdrawal options than those in international markets, so options will vary depending on where you are located.

Like most US-facing sportsbooks, depositing via credit card is the most popular method for funding an account. It is instant and easily accessible for most people. Person-to-person transfers are another popular method, which involves sending a p2p transfer. These can came come with steep fees, but 5Dimes will reimburse fees on transfers over $250. These are normally credited within a few hours once they are received by 5Dimes’ staff.

Customers can send a money order and have the money deposited into their account instantly. This will only cost the player a postage stamp and a small fee for processing the money order or check. The advantage of these is that they can be for much larger amounts than can be deposited via credit card and person-to-person transfer. In fact, 5Dimes will take a check for any amount.

To round it all off, you can deposit through Bitcoin and take your dollar equivalent to the casino floor!

US players are able to withdraw in a few ways. The most popular is via certified check, which comes with a fee (contact support or website for updated fees) and has a maximum amount of $3,000 per check. Checks take one to two weeks to reach bettors, among the fastest for US-facing sportsbooks.

Another popular option is via person-to-person transfer. This method comes with varying fees from $15 up to $20. These are processed within 48 hours. 5Dimes also offer Money Order, Bitcoin and Bank Wire as withdrawal options. Each customer will receive one free withdrawal every 30 days.

King of the Betting Markets

5Dimes offers more betting markets that the vast majority of sportsbooks online and offers some markets that no other sportsbooks offer. This is especially true for NFL betting. They go far beyond the straight wagers on sides and totals, offering some of the best NFL props and the most customizable bets on the internet.

5Dimes prides itself on being both a sportsbook for the recreational bettor who bets $100 a game and one for more experienced bettors. The maximum betting amount on an NFL side or total is $5,000. While the max bet size is not as massive compared to larger bookmakers in regulated markets, this amount is more than enough for most people. Limits on other types of bets will vary widely, and many NFL props can have limits as low as $50.

It’s crucial to note that once a bet is confirmed by the software, the line will reset within a few minutes with updated odds. So, in reality, the wagering limit is only $5,000 per ticket if the software allows you to bet more. Of course, the caveat is once you bet your $5k, the updated odds will force you to pay a bigger price for your bet. As long as the software allows you to make a bet, there is no limit to the amount of times you can wager on a single option.

Also, 5Dimes will often accept a wager over $5,000 if you call management or speak to them via live chat. They do their best to accommodate bettors without putting their operation at risk.

5Dimes are sort of a hybrid professional and recreational sportsbook, so while they do have plenty of markets that offer competitive odds, their lines overall are pretty sharp. This does not mean they are not beatable for experienced handicappers.

Also, many gamblers choose their reduced juice bonus option when signing up, making the odds even better. This means mostly -105 pricing on most markets, their reduced juice NFL sides and totals are some of their most popular markets.

What makes them especially enticing to me is how quickly they release their lines for the upcoming week. 5Dimes has games posted Sunday evening for the next week’s games, usually faster than most other bookies.

Abundance of Markets

5Dimes has the most NFL markets available to US bettors. Reduced juiced markets are only one of the options for players. There are also regularly priced sides and totals with the basis of -110 odds.

Some of the more unique markets offered are alternative lines and pleaser bets, (reverse teasers) the latter of which is not available anywhere besides 5Dimes for US players. They also offer the largest range of customization for bets, including teasers up to 20 points, progressive and parlays, and multichance bets with tons of options. If-bets and action reverse bets are also available.

As far as propositions and futures go, players again won’t be disappointed. There are dozens of props per game each week of the NFL season and over 100 preseason props and future bets up until opening kickoff, as well as season long futures with updated odds.

In comparison to other books, their teaser and parlay odds are among the best. In fact, 5Dimes offer two-team teasers at +100, which are either the best odds or tied best online.

The only drawback we can think of in regards to 5Dimes is their live betting markets. Their interface seems a bit dated compared to other options and the maximum bet for any live betting market wager is $250. They could do a lot more in this area if they revamped their system.

Multiple Bonus Options

5Dimes offers players the chance to choose their own bonus or reward program. Players can choose from Reduced Juice Rewards, Freeplay Rewards, Cash Back Rewards, and several other rewards programs.

New accounts are defaulted to the Reduced Juice Rewards program while some players may choose to change to the Freeplay Rewards Program when they deposit. This program allows bettors to gain a 50% Freeplay Bonus up to $520 which comes with a 10x rollover.

While the $500+ in bonus offers sounds enticing, I would recommend sticking with the reduced juice bonus option that each new account is set at as a default. If you’re paying -105 for most of your bets versus the normally -110 or higher, you are getting a 50% discount or more on your straight bets – which over a long period of time will earn you much more than a one-time bonus opportunity.

However, if bonuses mean more to you (some people like the extra bankroll for the start of the season) then by all means choose the other option. I personally am a massive fan of the reduced juice markets.

Even though most of their customers are from the United States, the sportsbook offers a wide array of international markets, in addition to their long list of options for US sports bettors. Still, the focus is on the major US sports, including NFL football, the NBA, MLB and NHL, along with college football and basketball. Markets are most extensive for these sports, but still have betting markets for most sports in the world. Mixed martial arts, boxing, golf, racing, cricket, tennis, soccer and many more sports are available for wagering. Bettors can also wager on political and entertainment markets.

The sportsbook also offers a Vegas style online casino, skill games, bingo, a live dealer casino and an online poker room.

5Dimes Are Still Doing It Right

It is not easy for some survive in the offshore industry, let alone thrive, like 5Dimes has done for over 15 years. Crazily, they still do not seem to get the credit other operators do, perhaps it is because of their ordinary looking website and betting menu. It is true that they don’t have the flashy designs that other sportsbook may offer, but they more than make up with substance. After all, the look of a site truly does not matter, it’s the markets and odds (and if the book pays) that really count.

If you want multiple bonus options, a massive list of NFL markets and customizations, along with the safety and security of a large sportsbook – 5Dimes is all you need. It is a great spot to bet all NFL season long and is excellent for other sports, as well.