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Sweetheart Teasers

Sweetheart teasers, also known as monster teasers are specialized teaser bets. They are available at most all online sportsbooks and are a popular bet for NFL gamblers. They are different from regular teasers in that they must be at least the 3 or 4 team varieties.

Like normal teasers, sweetheart teasers add points to the line in favor of the side wagered on by the player. However, two team teasers cannot be played as sweetheart teasers and the amount of points added to one side is not 6 or 7, but instead between 10-13 points. While this is a sizeable number of points to win your wager, it is still a difficult wager to win.

Let’s look at an example of a 10-point three team sweetheart teaser.

Steelers +4
Saints -3
Cardinals +7

If we add a 10 point sweetheart teaser to the lines, we will have odds that look like this:

Steelers +14
Saints +7
Cardinals +17

Sweetheart teasers are settled the same way as traditional teasers, but the difference being that some of the sportsbooks will grade pushes in sweetheart teasers as a total loss for the teaser. Generally, this is not the case but it is best to avoid sportsbooks that grade pushes as a loss when beating sweetheart teasers.

Are Sweetheart Teasers Profitable?

As we go over in our in-depth teaser NFL teaser article, for the most part, teasers are not generally profitable bets with the sportsbooks having a decent edge especially for teasers with 4 or more teams.

Even at -110 sweetheart teasers of 10 points or more are not +EV bets. Odds on these bets can range from -110 to -130 and perhaps higher. Teasers of 10 points or more are mostly not available at land based sportsbooks, but are almost standard betting options with offline unlicensed bookies and online betting sites.

Like regular teasers, as the number of teams go up the juice or odds to win go up, as well. The same is true for sweetheart teasers. Each selection needs to win just over 80 percent of the time for bettors to break even on a 3-team 10 point teaser. As the number of teams and points increase so does the percentage bettors must hit on each bet just to break even. Even hitting each selection 80 percent of the time is impossible, so it will be difficult to turn a profit with sweetheart teasers.

Best Sites for Sweetheart Teasers

Most US-facing sportsbooks offer sweetheart teasers. 5Dimes offers hundreds of teaser combinations and has 3-team 10 point teasers at -110. Bovada and BetOnline also offer these bets at -110. These sites are your best shot for sweetheart teasers. and GTBets and other sites offer -120 on these bets, making them an undesirable option for sweetheart teaser bettors.

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