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Super Bowl Sunday – the day football fans anticipate for 364 days of the year.

There’s no bigger game in North America and it’s one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Fans bet $119M on the 2014 NFL Super Bowl in Nevada alone, which was a new record. Then you have the countless millions wagered online and it’s easy to see how popular this one game is every year.

A wide range of people bet on the Super Bowl – from everyday handicappers to casual fans. Heck – even some people who never watch the NFL except for on Super Bowl Sunday place bets on the game.

That’s one great thing about betting on the NFL Super Bowl. You don’t need to be a handicapper. You don’t even need to bet on the outcome of the game. You can bet on a variety of entertainment props.

Best NFL Super Bowl Betting Sites

When you’re looking to bet real money on the Super Bowl online – you need to do your homework.

Thankfully, I have years of experience betting on the Internet and I not only know the safest NFL sportsbooks, but I also know which books will reward you the best.

All of the NFL Super Bowl betting sites below offer unique promotions leading up to the big game.

Plus, they all offer great sign-up bonuses that are available year-round.

NFL Super Bowl Betting Markets

The majority of bettors want to bet on the outcome of the Super Bowl. Watching the game and having an invested interest is always more entertaining – even if you only have an extra $20 to bet.

You can bet on which team will win the game (Money Line), which team will cover (Point Spread) or on the game total (Over/Under). However, that’s really just the top of the iceberg.

There are team totals, quarter (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th) betting markets, half (1st or 2nd) betting markets, team props, players props, entertainment props and literally hundreds of other bets.

We’d be here all day if I posted every single bet you could make on or during the NFL Super Bowl.

As I mentioned earlier – some people don’t want to bet on the outcome of the game. A lot of women enjoy betting on the props, such as how long the National Anthem will take to sing before the game.

There are also numerous other celebrity props every year, such as whether or not a certain celebrity will be shown during the official broadcast. The commercials are big business during the Super Bowl too.

Companies pay millions to show a commercial on Super Bowl Sunday. Sportsbooks post fun novelty props related to the commercials every year. NFL fans will want to focus on the actual game props.

You can win or lose a lot on the Super Bowl if you get involved in the prop betting markets.

Expect a QB to have a big game? Bet on the QB to go over his passing yard total. Think a RB will score a TD? Bet on the RB to score a TD. Think a LB will record a sack? Bet on exactly that to happen.

There’s no limit to the number of props sportsbooks post for the NFL Super Bowl.

Another popular bet is on which player will be crowned the Super Bowl MVP. Here’s a quick stat – seven of the last nine Super Bowl MVP’s have been a QB — so don’t target your favorite lineman in this market.

NFL Super Bowl Live Betting and Mobile Betting

Live betting is great for many reasons and if you’ve never tried it – you’re missing out. Read more about live betting here.

During the NFL Super Bowl – fans can bet on the game live (in-play) after the opening kick-off. The betting odds constantly change as the game progresses, but you can place a bet anytime.

You can bet on bet such as the money line, point spread and game totals, but you can also bet on the outcome of the next drive in the game, which team will score next or how the next points will be scored.

In most cases – you’ll have no problem getting your Super Bowl picks placed well before the game, but if you want to add some bets or bet on the game in-play, you can do so on mobile devices.

Use your smartphone or tablet to place bets instantly at the best NFL Super Bowl sportsbooks, which are listed above in our top list table. Mobile betting is very convenient, especially during the Super Bowl.

Who has time to hit up a computer when you’re out with your friends partying on Super Bowl Sunday?

NFL Super Bowl Quick Facts

I’m going to leave you with some NFL Super Bowl quick facts that’ll help you handicap some of the betting markets available every year. These stats are current (2015) and will be updated every year.

Number of Super Bowl Games Played: 49

ATS History: Favorite (26) – Underdog (21) – Push (2)

Money Line History: Favorite (33) – Underdog (16)

Over/Under History: Over (25) – Under (24)

Coin Toss History: Heads (24) – Tails (25)

MVP History: QB (27) – RB (7) – WR (6) – Other (9)

These quick facts aren’t the most helpful, as you can tell, there are hardly any trends. However, if we look at the recent betting trends in the NFL Super Bowl some start to emerge.

The last four Super Bowls have seen the underdog not only cover the point spread, but also win the game straight-up. The last three Super Bowl games have gone over, which is a trend that’ll continue.

Often the total in the Super Bowl is shaved a bit towards the under, especially when a good defensive team like the Seahawks are playing, but statistics show the NFL has seen an increase in scoring.

Now you know how and where to bet on the NFL Super Bowl. Make sure you join a couple of the bookies above at the very least, because each one of the betting sites offer a bonus that every bettor can claim.

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